Staining and Finishing for Muzzeloading Gun Builders - Methods and Materials 1750 to 1850
There is nothing novel about the information presented in this work. Our ancestors worked with a very limited amount of what we now refer to as "technology". Research shows that the gunsmiths working between the mid-18th century and the mid-19th century used methods and materials that had been in use for centuries and had proven durability. Technology used to produce one product could, with only slight changes, be used to produce another product.

The time period covered in this work is roughly the 100 years when longrifles were produced. However, much of the information presented was in use for a far longer period of time. Scrapers are stone age in origin. Boiled oil finishes date as early as 200 A.D. Mineral pigments, used as stains, are over 2000 years old.
"The two Bills are industrial chemists with an interest in black powder shooting, particularly in the Pennsylvania long rifles of the 18th century. They've applied their scientific knowledge to produce what is an excellent technical survey of historical oil techniques, right down to the chemical theory. This is also a highly practical book and it describes recipes that most non-chemists should be able to recreate. Also includes copious descriptions of oilcloth making processes, as I used here*. If you're interested, I really do recommend getting hold of a copy."

*Although he is pictured on the website observing his experiment, I do not know his name. I do, however, thank him for the extremly nice things he had to say about our book. To see the oilcloth covered chest he made go to our Links Page, click on "Muzzeloader Gun Builder Sites" then click "". If you would like to visit now,click here.
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